Cincinnati Comic Expo and a Great Convergence

Andy “Shaggy” Korty and Josh Gillam are at Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, spreading the word and hawking the wares for Empire Comics Lab, The Manor, and Cynical Stew!  Not only are Andy and Josh editors and creators for ECL but they are tireless comic convention participants!  If there is a show in the Midwest, one or both of them are there!

But today, something special happened.

It is the rare occasion that the creators of ECL meet face to face.  In fact, some of us  have never been in the same room together:)  We are joined together by a common love for comics and the belief that we are all better together.  And we all came together because of the man shown above.

Pictures on the right is Bill Nichols.  Years ago, through various circumstances, we were all individually befriended by our Comic Mentor, Bill Nichols.  Then, in 2013, he brought a very large group of his friends together on social media to create a “Comic Empire”.  Some of us were seasoned professionals, others were newcomers, and still others were people who “should be making comics but aren’t”.  Out of that meeting, after getting to know each other, we decided to put together an anthology with old-school horror as the theme and created a publishing company, vowing that the CREATORS would own their content in their spirit of friendship and equality.

Empire Comics Lab and Cemetery Plots were born…

… because of Bill Nichols.

Our gratitude cannot be expressed.  Not entirely nor in it’s full measure.  Words are not enough.  To that end and to honor him, the credits printed in our comics have and will ALWAYS display:

Founder/Mentor/Friend – Bill Nichols

Thank you, Bill.  Eternal thanks.

And now a word from Andy “Shaggy” Korty…

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
This Sunday (8/26/2018) in Bloomington, IN bring money because you are going to BLOW. YOUR. WAD. of cash on all these awesome creators! Books, main stream and indie comics, original and vintage toys, prints, sketch cards, graphic novels!

Meet people like ME! @manormonster , @thetoonguy , @romacollectibles , and many more!

This Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!

Some assembly may be required, parts and service are extra, seriously though bring money because it supports the economy, tax and extra fees may apply

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Did we mention the Store?

We have a Store!  There’s a Store.  Did we mention the Store?

The streamline of our website continues with the opening of the ECL Store!  All of our current books are for sale in digital and print.  In the future, we may have more swag but… we make comics and that’s our focus.

Head on over to the ECL Store and stock up on our fantastic comics!  Get some for friends and family.  They make terrific gifts!  Get in a fight with your significant other?  Nothing says, “let’s make up” like a new comic book!   Still upset about… whatever…?  Read one of our books!  Clinically proven to be AWESOME!


Back to Basics!

The old site blew up so we swept it under the rug and started fresh!  Empire Comics Lab has been here since 2013 providing you with the best in comic book Horror and Action anthologies.  Check out our Store and pickup a few dozen copies of our funnies!

We now have a digital copy of Cemetery Plots #3 for sale!  Get your preview copy before the print edition!  Be the envy of your neighborhood!!